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Why Celebrity Silky Hair?

Understanding Ionic Technology

Q: What is ionic technology?
An ion is an atom (or group of atoms) that carries either a positive or negative charge as a result of losing or gaining one or more of its electrons. Ionic technology is based on the familiar chemical principle that opposites attract-- in other words, that negative ions will bind to positive ones.

Q: How does ionic technology work?
Damaged hair has a slightly positive charge. ISH Ionic Rescue Hair Treatments emit negative ions, which neutralize hair's electrostatic charge, making the cuticle lie flat so hair looks smooth and glossy.

Q: What is the difference between "ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment" and "Ionic Conditioning Treatment"?
A: The "Ionic Conditioning Treatment" is the name of the process that uses the "ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment" product. The process is recommended to be done by professional hair stylists.

Q: Why do I need the ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment?
A: The main reason is, these days more and more people have multi-processed hair, leaving it drier and more damaged than ever before. The ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment is the perfect fix. It also softens up frizzy hair and gives it a smooth and silky feel. Together, the Ionic Technology and the HRC (Hair Renewal Crystals) ingredients create a heat boosted conditioning effect. Heat will also drive in moisture to damaged or frizzy hair every time you use it with a blow dryer or flat iron.

Q: After applying ISH Ionic Rescue One Minute Treatment for 60 seconds, do I rinse it out or leave it in?
A: It is suggested that for finer hair, you should rinse it out before styling as usual. However, for thicker hair that is frizzy, coarse, or extremely dry, you may want to leave the treatment in, or rinse out only partially before styling.

Q: I thought heat was bad for hair. Why is heat applied when we use the ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment?
A: The ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment utilizes the latest Ionic Technology to create a heat-boosted conditioning system. This treatment actually turns heat around to condition hair instead of damaging it by penetrating moisture back into frizzy and/or damaged hair. The heat from a flat iron activates HRC (Hair Renewal Crystals) which are being used as an intense moisturizing ingredient to successfully repair hair. Unlike traditional silicone-based products that create built-up and blocked moisture, the ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment uses natural and organic moisturizing ingredients derived from Jojoba to protect and soften up frizzy and/or damaged hair.

Q: What kind of flat iron should I use with the ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment?
A: Any flat iron that has a temperature control device which allows you to set it at 100 C or 220 F. However, we do strongly recommend using a high-quality ceramic flat iron.

Q: Do I have to use a flat iron with ISH Ionic Rescue One Minute Treatment?
A: No, it isn't necessary. One of the major benefits of using this treatment is that it literally only takes one minute to work. However, if you want to use heat for deep penetration, it is recommended that you use a blow dryer or flat iron to seal in the moisture.

Q: Will ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment make my hair straight?
A: No, it is a deep conditioning hair treatment product and not a hair straightening product. But it will make hair very silky, soft, and shiny, and help rid of frizzy hair.

Q: Can you use a bonnet dryer with the Ionic Rescue Treatment?
A: Yes, you can use the bonnet dryer. The heat from the dryer will open the hair cuticles enabling the jojoba to penetrate. The results may not be as intense as with a flat iron, but there will be a benefit.

Q: Can I use the ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment with a regular hair dryer?
A: For best results, we recommend using a flat iron. The Pro Treatment contains jojoba crystals that, when heat is applied, seal the cuticle and lock in your hair's moisture. When the flat iron is applied to the hair, the heat melts the jojoba crystals on contact. You can use a regular hair dryer if a flat iron is unavailable, but the temperature from the dryer may not be high enough to emit the correct amount of heat necessary to melt the jojoba crystals.

Q: How much does shipping cost?
A: At CelebritySilkyHair.com, we offer free shipping to all our US customers!

Q:Why should I use ISH Ionic Rescue Shampoo?
A: The ISH Ionic Rescue Shampoo is a unique moisturizing and cleansing ionic shampoo that maintains the health and increases the softness of your hair. Hair professionals appreciate the sensitive formula that is excellent for hair damaged by multiple chemical services. This ISH Ionic Rescue Shampoo dramatically improves the hair's natural radiance, strength and bounce. It is made from all natural ingredients and contains jojoba to help moisturize your hair. These key ingredients will also maximize results before using any ISH Ionic Rescue treatment.

Q: Can I use other shampoos and conditioners with the ISH Ionic Rescue treatments?
A: Yes, however for best results, we recommend using ISH Ionic Rescue products to assure maximum results. We especially recommend using ISH Ionic Rescue Shampoo before any ISH Ionic Rescue Treatment, such as One Minute Treatment and Pro Treatment.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, however we cannot offer free shipping to international orders. The price of shipping is based on the weight of the product(s) and the distance the package must travel.

Q: How do I return an order?
A: Your satisfaction is our priority. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied within 90 days, please follow the following simple steps:
1. On the invoice (or a copy of the invoice), state the reason for return, and place it in the original box along with the items you wish to return.
2. You may send the box back to us via any conventional carrier method (US Postal Office, UPS, Fed Ex, DHL and etc.).

Returns should be sent to:
222 E Main St.
Alhambra, CA 91801

Once we receive your return, your money will be refunded or your credit card account will be credited for any payments you have made toward your purchase. The first credit will be made within 10 business days of receipt and verification of the merchandise. Refunds on purchases made with a credit card will only be credited to the same card. Delivery charges are not refunded. Please allow one monthly billing cycle in order for your credit to appear. Customers returning a partial order will be refunded for the returned items only. Refunds will be applied to any unpaid balances first. For orders of $500 or more, a 15% re-stocking fee will be applied prior to refund or cancel. If you have any additional questions, please email our Customer Service Department at cs@celebritysilkyhair.com.